Start-to-Finish Mobility Management System.

Movenet Mobile Workforce Platform:
The Tools You Need

Tired of tracking moves through spreadsheets and file folders? Harness the power of information into the hands of your global employees with Movenet Mobile Workforce Platform powered by Equus.*

Movenet Mobile Workforce Platform is a comprehensive global management mobility platform that manages and tracks every type of move, including long and short-term assignments, permanent transfers, commuters and project workers. 

Ready to revolutionize your Global Mobility Program?

ISO 27001 Certified Platform

Safeguard individuals' privacy and data, avoid legal repercussions, and demonstrate a commitment to ethical data handling practices.

Optimized Workflow

Minimize manual tasks, unlock cost savings, and afford team members more time for high-value activities that contribute to the achievement of the organization's goals.

Self-Service Tools and Reporting

Real-time dashboards and visualizations in data analytics offer clarity for both mobility teams and the entire organization.

Cost Savings & Efficiency

A unified platform for overseeing global compensation and payroll review processes. Save time and maintain consistentcy with automated, streamlined technological solutions.

Best in Class
Mobility Tracking System.

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How it works

Streamline communication and management of relocating employees by consolidating and sharing data effortlessly. Our unified platform offers a single point of access for all facets of global mobility, including HR, finance, talent, and more, making service ordering and updates a seamless process.

Empower your employees to take charge of their relocation journey through our user-friendly portal. Accessible on mobile phones, our app provides comprehensive information, ensuring a smooth and informed experience for global employees.