Mobility is changing. 
We help your business change with it.

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Making people mobility 
your success factor.

The world of working has changed. We no longer work only from home or at the office, and mobility is no longer just about moving people and assets from A to B. It can be handling a hybrid workplace involving a move, or hyper-moves where critical competences need to move fast and often. Life at work is becoming more fluid than ever and Movenet is here to support that shift. We combine robust experience from global mobility with digital platforms and methods to make your experience efficient, flexible and people-friendly.

Creating Employee Success.

In a fluid workplace, relocation is a defining factor in itself. Whether relocating single or as a family with kids, a safe and well-cared for mobility process will define how you view your new life at and outside work.

Built on over 20 years of experience from Global Mobility Services and International Relocation, our primary objectives are to achieve a smooth transfer and positive experience for the employee, accompanying family, and the employer, while utilizing the best of people with new technology.

Your Talent Anywhere.

Attracting, retaining and developing talent is business critical. The right people in the right place at the right time will define your success. Regardless of country and timezone Movenet successfully assists companies that relocate employees for all types of business needs.

Our seamless relocation process becomes an advantage when you compete for talent. Partnering with Movenet means 100% commitment to your people. You focus on talent, we get them to where they need to be in the best possible way.

International mobility can be complex.
We're here to make it easy.

Merging Global Mobility Competence
with Technology.

At Movenet, People and Technology join forces in providing a true end-to-end global mobility experience for your organization and your employees. We focus on people with technology as an enabler.

The Movenet Service Platform - accessed from a mobile device or a desktop - offers the functionality, information and data needed for the employer to manage a Global Mobility program, while giving the employee an easy overview and access to support when relocating, with functionalities such as:

  • Global Service Management
  • Governance and compliance support
  • Powerful tools on data reporting and balance sheet calculations

Global access to Top-tier services.

The Movenet concept combines top-tier inhouse services with an ecosystem of carefully vetted Service Partners and services clients in more than 120 destinations globally. We carefully select partners that we trust to serve our clients as needed and a dedicated Service Partner Team ensures that all services meet our high standards. If you already have a set of preferred service partners we can manage and coordinate services directly with your providers through our vendor program.

Global Mobility Experts.

Thousands of successful relocations has given us a thorough understanding of how to efficiently provide high quality mobility services. Whether you prefer fully managed end-to-end services or easy access solutions, Movenet assists to settle any international or domestic move.

Business immigration services, move management, home search, language and intercultural training, expense management, and more. All in all – whatever it takes to get your people settled and ready to work in a new location.

Working together.

We believe in true partnership and building success together with our clients. The Movenet Move Counsellors manage and support your mobility programs out of seven hubs around the world in Sweden, USA, and Singapore. We know that mobile workforce needs are constantly changing and no case or move is exactly the same.


Working from a solid platform based on joint processes set the foundation for a global service delivery, providing your employees with a consistent experience regardless of location. This way we can streamline when possible and be agile when needed, to align with local regulations and practice, or comply with specific requests.


All this while still being cost efficient and compliant with business standards.