International Relocation and Global Mobility Services

Bridging the Global Workplace

Movenet is a trusted global mobility partner, with 20 years of experience regardless of country and timeframe. We assist companies that relocate employees for work. Our objective is to achieve a smooth transfer for the employee, their accompanying family, and the employer, while utilizing the best of people with new technology.

Your Global Mobility Program

With approximately 8,000 successful relocations yearly, we know how to efficiently provide high quality mobility services. Whether you prefer fully managed end-to-end services or easy access solutions, Movenet assists to settle an international or domestic move. Business immigration services, move management, home search, language and intercultural training, expense management, and more… All in all – whatever it takes to get employees settled and ready to work in a new location.

Your Employee Success

While you focus on attracting, retaining, and developing your organization, we manage the relocation process for your people. The seamless relocation process becomes a competitive advantage when competing for talent. We believe that our 100 % focus on the employee experience leads to success for the employee, as well as for the organization. Our experienced Move Counsellors are highly engaged in every person going through the exciting project of moving to a new location. We know that expectation management and consistent communication is crucial for a successful relocation, and our ambitions reach well beyond industry standards.

People Focused Technology Driven

At Movenet, People and Technology join forces in providing a true end-to-end global mobility experience for your organization and your employees. Our everyday work is centered around our core; People Focused – Technology Driven.

Merging Global Mobility Competence with Technology

We develop a true end-to-end technology driven service solution based on extensive global mobility knowledge for the mobile workforce. With a strong focus on the client employee experience we will bring great value to the employee and the employer. The release of the All New Movenet app and platform will maximize the user experience further. Our new technology, whether accessed from a mobile device or a desktop, offers companies and employees the full picture of the entire relocation process.

Working Together

We believe in true partnership and building success together with our clients. The Movenet Move Counsellors manage and support your mobility programs out of seven hubs around the world in Sweden, USA, China, and Singapore. Our joint processes set the foundation for a consistent global service delivery, providing your employees with the same experience regardless of location. As needed, adaptions are made to align with local regulations and practice, or to comply to specific requests. After all, no case or move is exactly the same, and the needs of the mobile workforce are constantly changing.

The Movenet Service Organization

Through a combination of inhouse delivered services together with a solid Service Partner network, our organization deliver services to clients in more than 120 destinations globally. We carefully select partners that we trust to serve our clients as needed. Movenet’s dedicated Service Partner Team ensures that all services meet Movenet’s high standards. You already have a set of preferred service partners? No worries, we can administer services directly with your providers.

From the Ground Up

Two decades of experience in the Scandinavian market from the Movenet Group company Human Entrance, is the foundation of our knowledge of the handicraft and fieldwork required to provide a truly successful relocation experience. Through our continuous development programs, we are now a people focused global mobility service organisation with bold technology ambitions for the future.