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<h1>US Covid-19 Update </h1>

US Covid-19 Update 

As the world’s largest economy slowly opens up to the world again, we are here to support clients and their relocating employees with moves and assignments. 

<h1>Regional APAC Update</h1>

Regional APAC Update

As the world slowly moves towards normality, we are here to support clients and their relocating employees with moves and assignments. With Asia being an increasing market for European companies and recovery underway, we are able to assist you every step of the way.Progress differs between countries ar...

<p>How Do You Manage Governance and Compliance?</p>

How Do You Manage Governance and Compliance?

As governments around the world change and adapt their immigration requirements in line with the changing landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to highlight our approach and focus on ensuring up to date governance and compliance.

<p><strong>Global Mobility Demands Expected to Increase  </strong></p>
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Global Mobility Demands Expected to Increase    

WorldWide ERC recently published an article on remote work and the increase in demand for Global Mobility. Surprisingly, the ongoing pandemic is not dampening the global need for relocations.Even factoring in the current pandemic restrictions and shift to remote working, mobility volumes are set to con...

<h1>Movenet APro Is Here! </h1>

Movenet APro Is Here! 

The new year is off to a great start for us, through the roll-out of our new Service Platform, Movenet APro, developed in collaboration with Equus, and based on the industry leading software Assignment Pro.

<h2>US Entry Ban for Non Immigrant Visa Holders not Renewed </h2>

US Entry Ban for Non Immigrant Visa Holders not Renewed 

In a welcome turnaround, US President Joe Biden has announced that the ban on non immigrant visa holders entering the United States will not be renewed, past its March 31st expiration date. This means the reopening for mobility of skilled foreign talent is possible.

<h1>Regional Covid-19 Updates </h1>

Regional Covid-19 Updates 

We continuously monitor updates on travel restrictions and rules concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and encourage you to reach out to us for additional information as and when you need it. Here is some information from a few of the major regions we cover. 

<h1>Shipping Challenges Post-Brexit </h1>

Shipping Challenges Post-Brexit 

Four weeks after leaving the EU, the overall situation on moving used household furniture and effects has become more complex. The information supplied on the UK Government websites is directed towards general haulage and does not address the unique criteria of citizens moving with their personal effects.