A Joint Venture For a Brighter Future

Starting in January 2024, all Destination Services will shift from Human Entrance to Movenet, solidifying the integration of both Human Entrance and Movenet within the same group of companies, Move Invest AB. As the global mobility landscape shifts, we see the necessity to strengthen our efforts to even better meet your demands.

Both Human Entrance and Movenet will operate harmoniously within our group, ensuring consistency and efficiency, addressing all facets of corporate relocation needs. As the global business landscape continues to evolve, our commitment to delivering high-standard services ensures that your Global Mobility experience is characterized by quality at every step. Our mission is to empower you to expand your business globally, combining the best of human expertise with comprehensive technology to move your Talent Anywhere.

With Movenet, you effortlessly gain access to a wide array of benefits – from exploring additional destinations to managing global goods shipments seamlessly. Enjoy streamlined vendor management, an expanded variety of outsourcing services, and robust data management solutions, all designed to simplify your Global Talent Management journey.

We are thrilled to share that Eva Nordberg-Visonj, MD of Human Entrance, will now be Vice President at Movenet AB in Sweden, leading our Scandinavian division with a focus on innovation and excellence.

Human Entrance remains committed to being a top provider of Business Immigration Services in the Nordics. Evolving exclusively into Business Immigration Services, led by Emma Sörensson, we will deepen our expertise in Immigration Consulting and Advisory to meet evolving business immigration needs.

We look forward to continuing our journey with you.


Part of the Move Invest group of companies, your trusted partners in global mobility for over 25 years. Founded in Sweden, we have become industry leaders, blending cutting-edge technology with unmatched people competence to orchestrate seamless employee relocations for companies worldwide.

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