Meet Our Client Bruno

We are delighted to introduce you to Bruno Henrique Montanari, an Alfa Laval employee who recently embarked on an exciting journey with his family. Bruno and his wife, both originally from Brazil, made the bold decision to relocate to Lund, Sweden after Bruno accepted a Global Sales position with a focus on Biofuels. Moving from the bustling city of São Paulo, the largest metropolis in Latin America, to Sweden, marked their first experience living outside their home country. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Bruno to discuss his experience and the significant role our Global Mobility services played in his major move.

What did you think would be a challenge/were you worried about when you started the process?

The procedures for obtaining a visa and new documents always make us a little apprehensive, as we were not familiar with the processes and rules in Sweden. In addition, finding a new place to live was also a point of concern for us.

Can you describe how our services have helped streamline your relocation process?

The support from the Movenet team was essential to our process. From the beginning of the services provided, clear information was shared about the steps involved, documents required, and expectations regarding the timelines for completing each step.

How did our team deal with any challenges or issues that arose during your move?

Remarkably, we can say that we did not have any problems during our move process. At times, we were unable to respond quickly to some issues, but with great patience and understanding, the Movenet team was able to understand the situations and guide us through them.

What specific features or services did you find most beneficial?

The assistance in finding a new home and the interface provided by the Movenet team with landlords helped us find and complete our rental agreement quickly. This interface gave us credibility with landlords and helps a lot with the process. We had the contract signed within just two weeks of arriving in Sweden, which was very effective in terms of the temporary housing period we had as a benefit of 30 days.

In addition, the personal support provided by Nina Lundh at various government agencies was fantastic. She was always helpful and had a clear understanding of what we needed to do, which helped us complete the paperwork steps in a timely manner.

How have our services positively impacted your personal and professional life?

The impact was very positive. A process of moving to another country generates expectations and sometimes not being able to complete a step related to documentation can be stressful. Thanks to Movenet, we were able to obtain everything we needed in a simple way and faster than we thought possible. Basically, two months after our move, we had everything finalized, including a bank account (including applications such as bankID and Swish).

Can you share a specific story or example that highlights how our services made a difference in your moving experience?

The move in inspection and 3-hour local orientation services were very helpful.

Nina was very attentive during the local orientation service. Since we already had a new home, she helped us transport our luggage from our temporary home to our new home and even took us to Ikea so we could buy several items to help us settle in permanently. During this time, she shared a lot of information about our new city and Swedish culture.

How did our team make you feel supported and cared for during your move?

Everyone who helped us was always very charismatic and helpful. We can say that this always makes everything more affectionate and ensures that processes that can be very stressful and disappointing become practical, clear and are completed effectively!

Thank you, Bruno, for sharing your story with us. It was our pleasure to assist, and we wish you all the best in your employment in Sweden!

Your Movenet Team

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