Movenet Americas

All over the world the mobility industry is changing, and business needs shifting for employees to move within corporation infrastructures.  We see a strong demand for international talent acquisition and relocation opportunities for employees is starting to increase, from fully remote work from anywhere, to a culture of “we need you here” to build a strong culture together. Movenet international teams are ready to help clients achieve the need for Talent Anywhere. 

Movenet is growing with the needs of our corporate clients, building new bridges with people and partners around the globe. With the US borders open for work permits and immigration, our client talent acquisition and HR rewards teams are strategizing and collaborating with the Movenet client service team.

Developing plans and programs together to meet the needs of talent anywhere, we are ready with our global partners to serve and provide services to our clients and their employees across regions.

We are also excited to welcome back, Denise Mast, CRP, GMS, as the Director Client Relationships, the Americas. Denise brings creative and collaborative ways of thinking that will grow our business offerings to the next level of support. She has a passion for building longstanding partnerships with all our clients, customers, and partners in a motivational manner to enhance our business development in the US and beyond. Working in tandem with our Movenet team in all regions, there’s no limit to all we can achieve together! 


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