Takeaways From 2022

2022 – the year that many thought would be the year of the new normal has come to a closure. Did it turn out as we expected? I guess not. A terrible war raging in Europe, the Covid-19 pandemic still very present, energy crisis in Europe, affected logistics and supply chains, high inflation in many parts of the World- all impacting Global Mobility and recruitment across borders.

Over the past year, we have seen Employers supporting their employees in Ukraine and Russia in positive ways. As relaxed pandemic restrictions became more common, China and other parts of the World have struggled to move forward. Though current policy changes in China present short-term challenges, we foresee a positive impact for global mobility on the horizon.  All-in-all, we can conclude that the war on talent is very present and the need for talent acquisition across borders continues to grow.

Employers are prioritizing the essential areas of Sustainability, Compliance and Business Travel Compliance in Global Mobility. Online solutions take precedence as organizations seek more sustainable solutions and compliance work. We will continue our focus on developing our line of data driven services to be able to meet our clients’ needs within these areas going forward. 

The fourth quarter brought an exciting partnership to give our customers access to the information they need – when they need it – at their fingertips. We introduced the international relocation center in our Service Platform and Mobile App, collaborating with best-in-class Service Provider, Living Abroad. Through the platform, the data is continuously updated by Living Abroad to provide country and need-to-know data to clients and employees about the destination they are moving to. Already, we see the tremendous value this service has brought to our customers.

We also expanded our Movenet Global Partner program to deliver sustainable solutions within discard & donate, sustainable moving services, and furnished accommodation solutions, and continue to build on our total solutions offering with the clear objective of Customer Success.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for a constructive and good collaboration during 2022. We value your business, our mutual collaboration, and look very much forward to working and growing together with you in 2023.
I wish you all a great start to the new year ahead of us.

Happy New Year!

Fredrik Bendroth


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