Upgrades to Our Best in Class Global Mobility Software: The Living Abroad Function

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and file folders! Movenet Apro is a comprehensive global mobility platform that manages and tracks every type of move, including long and short-term assignments, permanent transfers, commuters and project workers. Built by a team with a passion for global mobility, our ISO27001 certified information security management system provides an integrated, end-to-end functionality, and ease-of-use system that is unmatched in the industry.

Movenet Apro offers real-time visibility, streamlined processes and a more personalized experience for all stakeholders. Consolidate and share data to facilitate smooth communication and management of your moving employees. With a single point of access for all areas of global mobility: HR, finance, talent, and more, ordering services and getting updates could not be easier.

Connect your employee to the heart of their move. Empower them to take control of their relocation through our intuitive and easy-to-use portal. Accessible via a mobile phone, our app provides all the global mobile employees need. 

Introducing the Living Abroad Function

The Living Abroad function has been part of system since September of last year. What we have seen so far is a very positive reaction from our clients when they have learned that this plug-in is added for their employees in our Mobile App. With this function, the relocating employee gets access to their new Home Country data. Relocating employees using the Mobile App can now get access to valuable information on the social security system, banking, transportation, climate, cost of living, business practices, cultural norms, and much more!

Take the stress out of your employee assignments by providing them with quick, detailed solutions to obstacles and questions.

Not knowing what to expect when moving to a new country can cause a lot of distress. The Living Abroad function assembles all the necessary content one could need in a single source so there is no need for a deep dive into Google. With over 200+ destinations, comprehensive topics including the most current issues and web links to in-country resources, the Living Abroad function is available to answer your global talent’s most burning questions. We are excited about our partnership with Living Abroad as part of our commitment to improve the success of the global recruitment process. 

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