Regional Covid-19 Updates 

We continuously monitor updates on travel restrictions and rules concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and encourage you to reach out to us for additional information as and when you need it. Here is some information from a few of the major regions we cover. 

Most activities have returned to normal, however, restrictions are still being implemented at high-risk locations. Residents must continue to use their health code (green – clear, yellow – must quarantine, and red – must report to medical facility) for entry to transportation and businesses.

Quarantine may still be required for domestic travel. While masks are still required for the urban subways, social distancing is no longer required.

New arrival Visas are currently being processed at a reduced speed. The processing time is currently 3-4 weeks. There is no leeway for current vias holders having their current passes renewed.

International schools are open, but in person tours are currently not allowed. Most international schools are instead providing virtual visits.

Singapore recently moved to phase-3 of lifting local restrictions. Gatherings of 8 people are now permitted, which is up from 5 people, before December 26th. Although restrictions are more relaxed, there are strict penalties in place for violating current guidelines, including first time offence penalties of $300.
Repeat offenders have had stricter measures taken including larger fines, deportation and revocation of work passes

Singapore received its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines in December 2020 and is progressively rolling out a nationwide program over the coming months. The government target is to inoculate all residents by Q3. Vaccination is not mandatory and anyone holding residency status will receive the vaccination free of charge.

New Employment pass applications have resumed.

International schools are open; however, masks and social distancing guidelines remain in place. There is limited in person availability for tours and prior appointments are required. Virtual visits are also available at most schools.

Restrictions and guidelines vary by state, and limited services are available by appointment for local registration. Banking services are by appointment only. Virtual home viewings are widely available.

New work visa applications are open for submission

International schools are open, but in person tours are currently not allowed.
Most international schools are providing virtual visits for the time being. 

Should you have any questions in connection with making travel plans to these regions or other parts of the world, we are happy to assist you with information and advise. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Thank you! 

Your Movenet Team 

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