Movenet APro Is Here! 

The new year is off to a great start for us, through the roll-out of our new Service Platform, Movenet APro, developed in collaboration with Equus, and based on the industry leading software Assignment Pro.

We are happy to report that the feedback from clients who have started using it has been very positive. The Service Platform is perceived as intuitive and user-friendly, with great transparency and reporting capabilities, which was our primary intention and goal. Clients have also commented on the flexibility to provide enhanced customization for a greater client experience.

Our focus on automating processes will allow our clients to streamline their workflow while retaining up to date information on their moving populations. With data available in real time, our software provides more comprehensive support and reporting capabilities. In addition, we are now able to run balance sheet calculations including tax comp directly through the system.

With direct access to our Service Platform as well as a Mobile Application, relocating employees and their families will be able to see all the details of their move in real time 24 hours a day. We believe a personalized employee experience is vital for a successful relocation and this new application will further support our efforts in this regard.

We are excited to continue our roll-out and look forward to sharing further updates with you as we go along. 

Demonstrations and trainings are in the process of being scheduled and conducted and we encourage you to contact us if you are curious and would like to hear more!

Thank you

Your Movenet Team 

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