US Entry Ban for Non Immigrant Visa Holders Not Renewed 

In a welcome turnaround, US President Joe Biden has announced that the ban on non immigrant visa holders entering the United States will not be renewed, past its March 31st expiration date. This means the reopening for mobility of skilled foreign talent is possible.

It is a significant win for workforce and worker mobility and the U.S. economy that President Biden will not renew the entry ban for new H-1B, L-1, J-1 and H-2B non immigrant visa holders. The ban expired March 31st 2021. Former President Donald Trump put the ban in place in June 2020 and extended it at the end of 2020, over concerns of foreign workers entering the U.S. labor market during an economic downturn due to the pandemic.

Movenet’s US immigration partners are already prepared for the change and can support foreign talent relocations to the US, including applications for H-1B, L-1, J-1 and H-2B visa types.

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